Lifecycle Renewables and Vicinity Energy partner to remove 2,650 cars from Philly’s roads

Well not exactly, however the two organizations have entered into an agreement that will reduce Vicinity’s reliance on fossil fuels hence cutting carbon emissions by 12,200 tons which is the equivalent of removing 2,650 cars per year in the Philadelphia area. The partnership will provide Vicinity access to Lifecycle Renewables biogenic fuel called LR100™ in order to produce and distribute…

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Lifecycle Renewables supports Brattleboro Retreat’s Ride for Heros

The Brattleboro Retreat will host the 10th Annual Ride for Heroes event at 10:00 am on Saturday, Aug. 17th with registration beginning at 9:00 am. The motorcycle ride starts and ends on the Retreat campus with a post-ride barbeque lunch. This is the 10th annual Ride for Heroes in support of the Retreat’s Uniformed Service Program (USP), which offers specialized…

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Privacy Notice

Cookies:A cookie is a piece of data stored on the user’s hard drive containing information about the user. Usage of a cookie is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information while on our site. Once the user closes their browser, the cookie simply terminates. For instance, by setting a cookie on our site, the user would not have…

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Terms of Use

* We use our reasonable efforts to include accurate and up to date information on all pages of our website. Information is for guidance only and is not intended to form any part of a contract and can be subject to change without notice. We shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or cumulative losses or damages…

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Grease berg blocks sewer and destroys four Melrose MA homes

A number of homes in Melrose MA were flooded with sewer waste when a main line was blocked partly due to built up grease. Grease, as described in the article has been put down the drain overtime. When greases such as waste vegetable oil and animal fat come in contact with water and air, they oxidize and degrade. As…

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How Cooking Oil is Collected

We provide restaurants from Newport RI to Bangor ME to Albany NY a cooking oil receptacle free of charge. When cooled to a safe temperature ( below 100F), your employee will take oil from fryolators and pour it into our receptacle. Lifecycle Renewables' cloud based logistics system uses historical collection data to predict when you will need your next service.…

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How to clean up spilled cooking oil

Here are the two steps to clean up spilled cooking oil: 1. Absorb the bulk of the spill using oil absorbent. Oil absorbent comes in basically two forms; 1. granular (in a bag) that can be spread onto oil spill and worked in with a broom or shovel, 2. Absorbent sheets that are laid on top of the spill so…

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floor drain

Restaurant floor drain is backed up – why?

Is there greasy or soapy water coming out of your floor drain in your kitchen? This is less than zero fun for your staff! What's going on here? All restaurant plumbing configurations are different... especially in old cities like Boston. Generally there is a back up down stream of where the floor drain connects with other drain pipes. Because the…

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