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Well not exactly, however the two organizations have entered into an agreement that will reduce Vicinity’s reliance on fossil fuels hence cutting carbon emissions by 12,200 tons which is the equivalent of removing 2,650 cars per year in the Philadelphia area. The partnership will provide Vicinity access to Lifecycle Renewables biogenic fuel called LR100™ in order to produce and distribute steam, hot water and chilled water to their customers. Vicinity Energy’s mission is to reach net-zero carbon by 2050 and this collaboration is a huge step toward reaching that goal.

Lifecycle Renewables produces LR100™ by recycling used cooking oil collected from restaurants and kitchens across the food service industry. Lifecycle Renewables is leading the industry in grease and oil removal. Their recycling process creates 100% renewable heating oil and removes millions of gallons of food service waste oil that would normally be discarded in landfills or city sewers.

Some additional benefits of the Lifecycle Renewables and Vicinity Energy partnership include:

  • Expanding operations in Philadelphia will result in job creation, recycling programs and cost savings for local restaurants along with sustainability benefits for the community.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by over 80% versus using fossil fuels, improving local air quality.