What happens when I pour fryolator oil down the drain?

sink drain

So, I have some fryolator oil and my grease recycler has horrible service, my grease bins are overflowing and I need to change my fryers.

If you pour your oil down a kitchen sink drain, it will be in your grease trap in 5 seconds. If you flush oil down the toilet it will make it’s way out of the building and into the public sewer system. Overtime it is likely to clog the drain pipe from the restaurant leading to the sewer system. In either case it will ultimately result in an expense to fix and could shut down a meal service because your restrooms and kitchen drains are backed up.

The oil you send down the drain is initially flowing similar to water. As the oil disperses in water, septic and other sewer effluents it breaks down into larger molecule chains and therefore acts more like a solid than a liquid. Ultimately, it congeals with other solid materials and creates an ever growing “fat-berg”. Learn more about fat bergs, here.

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