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My Grease Trap has Overflowed. Why?

By January 2, 2014October 24th, 2023No Comments

If your grease trap has overflowed, it means that the outlet line or somewhere down stream is blocked.

During normal operation the water level inside the grease trap will never rise above the outlet pipe connected to the trap.  Here are some common symptoms and some likely causes:

SymptomLikely Root Cause
Grease Trap is OverflowingThe outlet line from the trap is obstructed
Sink connected to grease trap is not drainingThe inlet line to the trap is obstructed or the outlet line from the trap is obstructed and trap is sealed well enough to prevent an overflow
Sink connected to grease trap drains slowlyThere is a partial obstruction potentially in inlet, inside the trap itself (baffles) or in the outlet line
Multiple sinks and toilets not drainingThere is an obstruction in either a branch or a mainline

An obstruction occurring downstream of your grease trap is more likely if the trap is not regularly maintained.  If you are having your trap cleaned regularly, it is less likely for solids and greases to flow out of the trap and down the outlet line.

Emergency drain cleaning bills can be hefty, please call us to determine the appropriate amount of maintenance to help avoid costly back ups.

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