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Clean Plate Club: The answer to keeping drains flowing.

By April 30, 2013October 18th, 2023No Comments

Is your kitchen in the habit of scraping every plate that comes back from the dining room?

After countless grease trap cleanings our technicians see good housekeeping practices from the inside out.  One noticeable trend is kitchens that have low propensity for clogged drain lines, odor issues and pests are those that are maniacal about scraping plates and keeping food waste out of sinks and off floors.

This is important in order to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.  It is best to separate food wastes into a compostable  trash bag and divert this waste from the solid waste stream.  Separating food wastes from the landfill bound trash steam may become law for Massachusetts restaurants as early as 2014.

Scraping plates is a good practice now and could be mandatory in the future.  Here is a 2012 article explaining the proposed new rules on food waste: