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Frying oil is expensive and you always want to make the most of it.  How do you know when to change your oil?  Most Chefs “just know” based upon the quality of the food coming out of the fryer.

However, chemically, once you pour fresh oil into a hot fryer your oil begins to degrade.  The process of degradation in vegetable oil produces free fatty acids(FFA).  These free fatty acids change how the oil interacts with food.  As a point of measure, fresh oil has an FFA of about 1% and Stage V oil per the chart above has an FFA of about 7%.

Tips for making your oil last longer: (For Oil in Stage I – III)

Cool oil completely, then…

– Drain off any water that has accumulated on bottom of fryer (remember water sinks in oil, so when draining water will come out first)

– If possible drain all oil off into a sterile container through a filter to remove food particles and then place oil back into fryer

– Always keep oil covered when not in use and keep fresh oil stored in cool dry place out of direct sunlight

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