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LR100 approved for fleet use, up to 25% fuel cost reduction

By August 18, 2014October 24th, 2023No Comments

Optimus Technologies and  Lifecycle Renewables have paved the way for trucking fleets to reduce fuel cost by 25% and reduce lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by 80%.   With it’s commercial grade engine conversion technology,  Optimus Technologies has announced two significant milestones that are changing the U.S. trucking industry.  First, the U.S. EPA issued approval for Optimus Technologies advanced biofuel conversion solution for existing medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Second, while approved for a wide range of fuel types, it is also the first to achieve compliance for use with pure LR100 biofuel derived from recycled cooking oil.  LR100 is produced exclusively by Lifecycle Renewables and is the lowest-cost per Btu commercially available biofuel in the USA.

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