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How to clean up spilled cooking oil

By August 9, 2016October 24th, 2023No Comments

Here are the two steps to clean up spilled cooking oil:

1. Absorb the bulk of the spill using oil absorbent. Oil absorbent comes in basically two forms; 1. granular (in a bag) that can be spread onto oil spill and worked in with a broom or shovel, 2. Absorbent sheets that are laid on top of the spill so that oil can soak in.

Once the spill area is relatively dry, it is time to remove the stain.

2. Oil stains should be able to be removed using dish soap or liquid de-greaser, hot water and a scrub brush.

Does your current service company spill oil and make a mess? Do your employees over fill your grease recycling container because of a slow pick up schedule from your current service company?

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