When you find your restaurant or food service facility stuck with excess used vegetable oil, call Lifecycle Renewables for quick and easy removal. We are based outside Boston, MA and specialize in vegetable oil disposal for all of New England.

Lifecycle Renewables will both pay top dollar and remove your waste vegetable oil quickly and cleanly. We then take your waste vegetable oil to our facility to be repurposed as our proprietary LR100 diesel fuel alternative. Our LR100 fuel is carbon neutral and used for heating oil and power generation.

Too often restaurants and food processing facilities struggle to properly dispose of their waste cooking oils: they are either not getting paid enough for their waste oil or are disposing of their waste in a non-environmentally friendly way. Lifecycle Renewables solves these problems. We provide the highest level of service, remove the waste from your facility in the cleanest way possible, and pay you more for your waste.