Lifecycle Renewables, Inc General Terms and Conditions of Service (Updated December 2020):                                                                                        

Service Definitions:

The general terms and conditions are relevant to the following service types:

“DC” is drain cleaning service provided by Lifecycle.

“EMG” is emergency service, at the customer’s request, provided by Lifecycle.

“IGT” is inside grease trap cleaning and pumping service provided by Lifecycle.

“OGT” is outside grease trap cleaning and pumping service provided by Lifecycle.

“WVO” is waste vegetable / fryer oil collection recycling service provided by Lifecycle.  Customer will store waste vegetable oil in a sealed container, in a safe location, at the premise, and make it ready for collection exclusively by Lifecycle; and

Any other service in direct support or relation to one of the aforementioned services or any service requested by the customer.

“Equipment” is Lifecycle owned hardware, assets, containers, equipment and tools.

“Lifecycle” is Lifecycle Renewables, Inc, its successors and assigns, or an agent hired to complete the service.

“WVO Value” is the value of waste vegetable oil collected by Lifecycle as a part of WVO service.  The value of waste vegetable oil varies and depends on many factors, including (but not limited to), the underlying commodity market values, size of container on premise, the quality of the waste vegetable oil collected at the premise by Lifecycle, the total volume and per service volume of waste vegetable oil collected at the premise, and ease of accessing the premise.  Therefore, waste vegetable oil related discounts, or payments, will be assessed continually and adjusted at the sole discretion of Lifecycle.  Lifecycle reserves the right to grade waste vegetable oil for the useable portions and in its sole discretion may deduct for waste or unusable volumes.

Service Terms:

  • The customer hereby grants Lifecycle permission to access its service site (each a “Location”) to perform service.  The customer agrees to extend to Lifecycle all reasonably necessary cooperation to achieve successful service, including a suitable and safe means of access to each Location.  Customer is responsible for communicating with all persons at the Location regarding the service and the nature of the service provided. The customer understands that for recurring services Lifecycle may provide service automatically and without prior notice;
  • Lifecycle may provide Equipment to the customer as a part of or to perform service.  Such Equipment shall remain the property of and for exclusive use by Lifecycle.  The customer grants Lifecycle access to the premise for the purpose of removal of its Equipment, Equipment removal may first require Lifecycle to perform service, and fees may apply.  This provision shall survive termination of an agreement with the customer;
  • Lifecycle service commonly involves the removal of organic food waste materials. Customer agrees that such waste material is in its immediate control, and that such material will only contain organic food waste.  Explicitly, such waste will not contain hazardous, toxic, noxious or polluting substances.  Customer agrees that non-organic food waste materials, excessive amounts of food waste solids, excessive water, and/or other refuse may cause damage to its equipment or down-stream processes, and incremental fees may be charged to the customer;
  • Lifecycle shall hold customer harmless from any and all claims arising out of the negligence and/or willful acts and omissions of its employees and/or agents.  Customer shall hold Lifecycle harmless from any and all claims arising out of the negligence and/or willful acts and omissions of its employees and/or agents.  The handling and storage of waste vegetable is inherently dangerous, Lifecycle will not be liable for any loss, and customer shall hold Lifecycle harmless from any and all claims, arising out of the storage of waste vegetable oil and/or the use, operation, maintenance or repair of Equipment resulting from negligence of the customer;
  • From time to time the customer may request that Lifecycle perform EMG service at a Location, customer understands that EMG service price is calculated service by service based on the specific requirements of the service; 
  • Lifecycle hasn’t extended the customer credit and all invoices are due upon receipt;
  • The parties shall comply with all federal, state, and local laws, statutes, ordinances, and regulations;
  • No delay on the part of either party in exercising any of its rights hereunder shall prevent the exercise of such rights at a later date, and any waiver or any breach of this agreement by either party shall not be deemed a waiver of any other subsequent breach;
  • A party is not liable for failure to preform obligations, if such failure is a result of Acts of God, ware, act of foreign enemies, terrorist activities, government sanction, labor dispute, strike, interruption or failure of utility services.  A party is not entitled to terminate an agreement in such circumstances; and

The General Terms and Conditions as listed on this page will be updated by Lifecycle from time to time.