Services provided under this Agreement: Lifecycle Renewables agrees to pick up, remove, and dispose of all used cooking oil generated by Customer above according to the schedule as determined by Lifecycle Renewables. Through Sysco, Lifecycle Renewables will pay Customer identified on this Agreement, for a term of two year(s) ending on the last day of the calendar month in which the contract is signed, $1.50 for any liquid 35-pound container of cooking oil purchased from Sysco Boston.  This Agreement shall automatically renew for successive one year terms. Thereafter, Customer shall provide written notice of termination by certified mail to the address below at least ninety (90) days prior to the termination of the initial term or renewal term. During this 90 day period, Lifecycle Renewables continues to be the exclusive oil collection provider. Lifecycle Renewables will provide Customer dedicated waste oil collection containers as described above to store the used cooking oil until it is collected by and only by Lifecycle Renewables or designee. Lifecycle Renewables and/or its designee is hereby granted access to Customer’s grounds/premises as identified herein for the purposes of performing the duties pursuant to fulfillment of this Agreement and is hereby granted exclusive permission to remove all used cooking oil on Customer’s premises as identified in this Agreement.

Storage and Maintenance: Owner agrees to store and maintain the used cooking oil it generates in a safe and secure location until such time as it is picked up by Lifecycle Renewables or its designee, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Lifecycle Renewables and/or its designee, for any damage or injury caused by such cooking oil or the container in which it is held until removed by Lifecycle Renewables or its designee from the premises.

Exclusive Rights and Property of Lifecycle Renewables:
Owner acknowledges and agrees that Lifecycle Renewables is providing the goods and services described herein at no cost in return for Lifecycle Renewables obtaining the exclusive rights in and possession of the used cooking oil generated by Customer identified herein during the term of this Agreement, and that Lifecycle Renewables will suffer monetary damages in the event any used cooking oil to which Lifecycle Renewables is entitled is lost, removed, or destroyed. In the event any action by the Owner, its agents and or employees causes the loss, removal or destruction of any used cooking oil generated by Customer above, Lifecycle Renewables reserves the right to seek consequential damages equal to the fair market value of the oil at that time.

Termination by Lifecycle Renewables: Lifecycle Renewables reserves the right to terminate this Agreement prior to the end of its term by written notice to the Owner as a result of one or more of the following, in addition to events identified in addendum: