combined heat and power systems

Lifecycle Renewables is one of Boston’s leading renewable energy providers. Our combined heat and power (CHP) systems deliver carbon neutral electricity and heat.

Our energy clients receive heat and electricity from on-site renewable energy generation. No capital investment and no system maintenance is required by our clients.

Lifecycle Renewables’ power stations have a small footprint and deliver between 50kW and 1MW of energy, quietly, in a sound attenuated enclosure.

Each power installation is fueled with our proprietary fuel, LR100. LR100 is a 100% waste derived fuel, sourced locally. Contact us to learn more about powering your business with Lifecycle Renewables technology.

Being able to repurpose 1,200 gallons of waste cooking oil a week, which was previously considered a waste product, to fuel a system that reduces our dependency on conventional fossil fuel sources and results in less harmful emissions helps us move one step closer to our goal of becoming a ‘zero waste’ company.
– Regional Vice President, Whole Foods Market