used cooking oil recycling

Grease will be removed from your premises in the cleanest most professional manner. We are raising the bar on waste vegetable oil recycling above the capabilities of our competition. Our policy is that your containers should never be full.

You will always get more value for your used cooking oil with us. Lifecycle Renewables creates the highest value for your oil through local renewable energy and fuel production. Call Lifecycle Renewables to get started.  We service Metro Boston Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine.

“Lifecycle Renewables has been serving my Boston restaurants for years without any issues what-so-ever. They have provided a great value and helped me ‘green-up’ my operation.”
– Owner, multiple Boston area fine dining establishments.

“Lifecycle Renewables has increased the value we get for our waste vegetable oil by 1400% over the past two years.”
– Sustainability Officer, leading MA food producer

grease trap maintenance

We provide the most professional grease trap cleaning and maintenance service available. Our skilled technicians ensure a high degree of transparency about our activities and the condition of your grease management equipment upon each servicing. For our customers this means high quality service, clear and simple billing and ultimately lower costs.

Our technicians are trained to identify issues before they have an impact on your business. Our plumbing technicians can fix any equipment trouble in a timely fashion.

“Lifecycle Renewables has provided us with the full package. The value we receive for our waste vegetable oil essentially pays for the maintenance of our grease traps.”
– Franchisee, restaurant chain

“Lifecycle Renewables is super responsive. I once had a back up situation and they fixed it immediately.”
– Franchisee, restaurant chain