The Brattleboro Retreat will host the 10th Annual Ride for Heroes event at 10:00 am on Saturday, Aug. 17th with registration beginning at 9:00 am. The motorcycle ride starts and ends on the Retreat campus with a post-ride barbeque lunch. This is the 10th annual Ride for Heroes in support of the Retreat’s Uniformed Service […]Continue Reading


A number of homes in Melrose MA were flooded with sewer waste when a main line was blocked partly due to built up grease. Grease, as described in the article https://boston.cbslocal.com/2019/07/15/melrose-raw-sewage-backup-cost-investigation/ has been put down the drain overtime. When greases such as waste vegetable oil and animal fat come in contact with water and air, […]Continue Reading


We provide restaurants from Newport RI to Bangor ME to Albany NY a cooking oil receptacle free of charge. When cooled to a safe temperature ( below 100F), your employee will take oil from fryolators and pour it into our receptacle. Lifecycle Renewables’ cloud based logistics system uses historical collection data to predict when you […]Continue Reading


Lifecycle Renewables has helped the sustain-ably minded folks at Northeastern University make the most of their waste kitchen grease. See the full article, and learn more about sustainable dining at Northeastern University, here.Continue Reading


Optimus Technologies and  Lifecycle Renewables have paved the way for trucking fleets to reduce fuel cost by 25% and reduce lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by 80%.   With it’s commercial grade engine conversion technology,  Optimus Technologies has announced two significant milestones that are changing the U.S. trucking industry.  First, the U.S. EPA issued approval for Optimus […]Continue Reading


How can used cooking oil be converted into energy? Greening the Inn captures the energy uses of used cooking oil, in their January 9th post here.     If you have a business or organization that uses heating oil and you want to reduce cost/emissions, contact us: www.liferenew.wpengine.com energy@liferenew.wpengine.com 888.461.9831Continue Reading


The folks at The Lenox have been busy bolstering the sustainability of the hotel and saving money in the process.  The Lenox was recently featured in a blog at greeningtheinn.com , an organization dedicated to helping hotels develop sustainable practices. In addition to recycling used cooking oil with Lifecycle Renewables, The Lenox has implemented a […]Continue Reading


Lifecycle Renewables welcomes Igor Popov to the Advisory Board. Mr. Popov has over 20 years of cross-functional experience ranging from product development to marketing, finance and operations; the last eleven years have been focused on turnaround and crisis management.  Most recently, Mr. Popov was a Senior Operating Executive at Cerberus Operations & Advisory Company, the operating […]Continue Reading


The Lifecycle Renewables operated power generation system at Whole Foods Market has created over 100,000 kWhs of renewable energy to date.  See the full article in Renewable Energy from Waste Magazine, here:  A Slick Solution. How much energy is 100,000 kWh?  See the energy equivalents below to find out: Does your business produce waste vegetable […]Continue Reading


Dick Hartmann joins Lifecycle Renewables in November of 2012 to manage all operational activities of the company. Dick has significant management experience gained from early career leadership roles with Laidlaw Waste Systems and later with US Liquids and most recently he successfully managed the branch operations of Wind River Environmental. Dick has excelled at implementing […]Continue Reading