Replacing your heating oil with carbon-neutral LR100 will save your business considerable money and will instantly reduce your impact on the environment.   In most cases there is no cost to convert your system to LR100.

Steps to replacing your heating oil with LR100:
1. Engineer will certify your system’s appropriateness for LR100
2. Set usage needs and delivery schedule
3. Initiate regular service, just like your current oil company

LR100 is permitted as a suitable substitute for all grades of heating oil with air quality precedence set in most northeastern US States.

“Using 100% LR100 fuel as a replacement for No. 2 heating oil saved us over 10% on our heating costs this past winter. The boiler performed optimally on LR100. Lifecycle Renewables fulfilled all orders on time, every time.

– Owner, of 40 unit residential/commercial building, Boston