Looking for a grease trap cleaning and maintenance company? You’ve come to the right place. Since 2008, Lifecycle Renewables has been helping restaurants and food service businesses with grease trap maintenance.

There are many benefits to choosing Lifecycle Renewables as your kitchen grease trap service provider.

  1. It’s good for business: We provide an worry free maintenance program that greatly reduces the chance of costly back-ups. Our regular service rates are kept low due to the high number of customers we serve in your area.
  2. Comprehensive grease management: Trust us with your used cooking oil and grease trap service needs. Lifecycle Renewables is fast becoming the leader in recycling the fats, oils and greases your establishment produces.
  3. Transparency: We provide detailed records of all service visits, equipment condition and we will provide best-practices to your staff regarding kitchen house keeping. Our great service enables you to provide great service to your patrons.

So, if you are located in New England, call Lifecycle Renewables to schedule an introductory visit. We serve Boston, MA, Providence, RI as well as Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Connecticut.

Contact Us today at 1-888-461-9831!